Pentarom – Ambalaje din carton

Cardboard packaging

Main activity, the production of cardboard packaging has been developed after a careful study of the packaging market through an intensive investment program.
    With own funds but also with a significant share of European funds, several last generation equipment for the manufacture of various types of cardboards, as well as printers for black and white or color, were acquired.
    PENTAROM aims and succeeds, to offer to its partners a complete range of cardboard packaging. In order to provide a full set of products and services, the company provides also a professional consulting in packaging definition, and efficient usage of these solutions.

Advantages of PENTAROM products are: 

  • The possibility of folding for a more efficient delivery.
  • Recyclability.
  • Respect of standards according to customer requirements.
  • Competitive prices.

Incepand cu anul 2008 Grupul Pentarom a dezvoltat si alte activitati industriale in diviziile sale specializate, respectiv conceptia de protectie anti coroziva si oferirea materialelor asiciate, o linie automatizata de imbuteliere apa minerala microbiologic pura, comercializata sub marca “Iezer” dar si o linie de producere a combustibililor ecologici cu inalta putere calorica (brichete din rumegus).

Galia boxes and cardboard kits

Our GALIA boxes are tested and validated in accordance with EAQF, standard class A (Galia boxes). They are foldable boxes or with a lid with dimensions corresponding to the dimensions of standard wooden pallets.

Cardboard kits

The carton kits (wooden pallet packing) and the full range of GALIA boxes, both categories intended mainly for the automotive industry, are made according to the Package Specification – RENAULT, representing the most important weight in our packaging manufacturing range. .
KITs are palletized packaging consisting of:

Wooden pallet
Outer box
Inner belt (provides resistance to vertical compression> 2000daN)

Find here the standard RENAULT kits specified below, intended for shipping in High Cube containers or for ground transportation.

  • KIT 4C
  • KIT 3P
  • KIT 4H
  • KIT 3G
  • KIT 4G
  • KIT 3E
  • KIT 4E
  • KIT 2E
  • KIT 8L
  • KIT 4L

Cardboard packaging and non-standard interior components

The production of cardboard boxes is not only limited to those for auto parts. Pentarom produces a wide range of cardboard boxes for various uses.

Through modern working techniques, with the latest technology, the company makes cardboard boxes for food, for the glass industry, as well as packaging for textiles, footwear or the pharmaceutical industry.

Useful and functional, from duplex or corrugated cardboard, in all types of dimensions, the cardboard boxes produced by Pentarom cover a wide range of uses. They can be customized in different colors and in any graphics requested by our clients.

Pentarom makes a series of other cardboard products with a wide use:

1. Corrugated cardboard, type II – delivered in roll, of various sizes

2. Pressed cardboard corners to increase the resistance to vertical compressibility

3. Any type of intercalators used for the unitary protection of products packaged in kits or cardboard boxes

The interior arrangements will comply with the specifications required by each client separately.