Our GALIA packaging products are tested and approved according to the EAQF class A standard (GALIA cases). They are standard regular slotted cases, with dimesions corresponding to sub-multiples of standard pallets.

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Cardboard KITs and full-range of Galia Boxes, both designed primarily for the automotive industry, are made in accordance with RENAULT Packaging specification.

Cardboard Kits are composed from:

  • Wooden pallet
  • Envelope box
  • Inner belt (assures the resistance at vertical compression > 2000daN)
  • Cover 

Find below the RENAULT standard kits used in High Cube containers flows but also for other means of transport, such as: truck, boat, train or plane in exceptional cases:

  • KIT 4H
  • KIT 3G
  •  KIT 4G 
  • KIT 3P
  • KIT 4C
  • KIT 3E
  • KIT 4E
  • KIT 2E
  • KIT 8L
  • KIT 4L

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In the meantime we are producing as well all other sizes requested by our customers.