Pentarom – Ambalaje din carton

Social responsibility policy

The company’s social responsibility policy is based on the following principles:

1. Respect of the law. Fighting corruption and bribes
– compliance with applicable national laws and regulations, in Romania and other countries where we conduct business;
– does not allow the handing of money (bribes), tips, loans, financial guarantees, gifts, covering for travel expenses, housing, entertainment or other undue benefits, no matter the form, to public officials, customer employees or our suppliers, with the objective of influencing any actions or decision in the scope of promoting SC PENTAROM SRL’s business interests.
– does not allow its employees to ask or accept undue benefits such as bribes, tips, loans, financial guarantees, gifts or other undue benefits no matter the form, method or purpose;
– actively participates in fighting corruption, fraud and discourages the use of dishonest or illegal means to obtain business advantages;
– conducts reporting towards public authorities according the applicable legislation, including those stipulated in the 656/2002 law for the prevention and sanction of money laundering, as well as the implementation of measures to prevent and combat the funding of terrorism;
– does not conducts business with companies that are operating in countries which support terrorism;
– SC PENTAROM SRL’s employees will avoid any situation which can lead to conflict of interest. Employees will refrain from having personal relationships or financial interests in other companies that have business relationships with SC PENTAROM SRL;
– forbids the forging of documents, including public documents linked with its activities;
2. Respecting employee and human rights
– respecting the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 10 principles of the Human Rights Global Pact;
– does not apply preferential or discriminatory treatment to its employees in terms of recruitment, pay or work duties distribution, on the basis of sex, race, religion, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, nationality, political views, social or ethnic origin;
– respects the employees’ rights of association, of being represented by a union or in other ways;
– it forbids illegal or forced labour within the company’s divisions, its suppliers or third parties;
– it enables staff performance improvements and its involvements in the wellbeing of the organisation through trainings, awareness and motivation:
– SC PENTAROM SRL’s management and employees will not harass or discriminate any colleague or business partner, under no circumstances.
3. Respecting children and youth rights
– does not accept child labour in its divisions, subcontractors or suppliers;
– complies with the national legislation in the field and requires its subcontractors and suppliers to do the same;
– complies with the United Nations Convention on Children’s Rights (1989) which states that the child’s best interests always prevail, it respects the child’s right to be protected from economic exploitation and to not be involved in hard labour that would affect its education, mental, spiritual or moral health and it social development;
– complies with the International Labour Organization Convention nr.138 from 1973 regarding the minimum employment age which stipulates that the minimum employment age is 15 and also complies with the Romanian Labour Code which states at art. 13 par. (3) that” the employment of people under the age of 15 is forbidden”;
– complies with the International Labour Organization Convention no. 182/1999 regarding the ban of child labour and the immediate action that needs to be taken to eliminate it:
– accepts the employment of young people with the condition of not getting involved in hard labour, dangerous work, night shifts and abides by the 6 hours per day maximum work programme, so that their health, safety and morality are not endangered;
4. Environmental, health and occupational safety protection
– assures the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution, while maintaining the health and safety of employees;
– is involved in the efficient use of natural resources by reducing energy and raw material consumption while finding ways of reducing, reusing and recycling waste;
– uses manufacturing technologies that do not have an impact on the air, soil and water;
– manages the health and safety of its employees by identifying potential dangers and evaluating injury and work related illnesses through the implementation of active risk mitigation measures;
5. Protecting customer and supplier interest:
– delivers safe and quality products and services;
– consolidates relationships with customers, suppliers and local community by developing mutually beneficial partnerships based on trust, honesty, integrity and respect;
– applies fair marketing policies;
– does not apply discriminatory actions in selecting suppliers;
– demands suppliers to respect the legal requirements with regards to environmental protection, health and safety, as well as respecting human and employee rights;
– assures the communication and the fair and fast resolution of problems that appear in the relationship with customers, suppliers and the local community;
– assures the confidentiality of information obtained from customers and suppliers in from the business relationships (including contractual clauses, drawings and sketches, technical specifications, samples and information related to product development, intellectual property, including patents, etc.).

Every employee of the company has the right, without fear of any repercussions from anybody, to inform the General Manager about any criminal activity or any other activity the contravenes our principles.
SC PENTAROM SRL encourages its business partners to adopt the principles of the present policy.


General Manager,
Gheorghe LAZAR