Pentarom – Ambalaje din carton

Anticorrosion solution

Pentarom assures the study of anticorrosion solutions and the necessary products to preserve and protect metals against corrosion over time, as followings:

– VCI (VCI film, VCI dust cover, VCI bubble wrap, VCI foam pad) : protect steel and metals against rust and corrosion during transport and storage.

– Desiccant bags (different sizes). The desiccant used is clay-based (natural) and does NOT contain aggressive chemical products; it can therefore be placed in direct contact with packaged parts, with no risk of corrosion, to prevent the circulation of moisture, since they are capable of absorbing and neutralizing the humidity present in a package or container.

– Desiccants for freight containers, developed in order to neutralize the formation of condensate inside closed spaces and packages

All offered products are validated by the Laboratories of European Automotive Industry